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Why Nutrition Is Important At All – Not Only For Overweight People

Many of you have made the New Year’s resolution “eat healthier” or “lose 10-15kg”.

If you want to lose weight, it is important to know why you want to lose it. On the other hand, in my opinion, it is also important to know why nutrition has such a big effect on our whole being!

Because if you don’t realize how important nutrition is, you may quickly lose the motivation to eat healthier.

And if nutrition has a direct influence on our whole being, then it is not only an issue for overweight people, but for all people, regardless of their stature.

Just today I talked about it with a customer who works in a doctor’s office. Even her, who works in the health sector, was not aware of how directly and quickly the diet affects her health until she changed her diet.

“Discipline” and “simply eating less” is not the way to go.

In connection with the desire to lose weight, I hear the sentence on a regular basis – about once a week -: The main thing is that you eat fewer calories than you consume. Or: if the calorie balance is right, you automatically lose weight. Or: you only have to be disciplined and eat less, then it works.

Food is not the same as calories. Food is information

Whether I ingest 100kcal from broccoli or 100kcal from Smarties – it doesn’t have the same effect on the body!

Everything we eat ends up in our digestive system. And during this digestion, the food is absorbed into our bloodstream. And our blood creates our cells, our tissue, our organs and even our thoughts!

We think differently whether we eat pizza and burgers or broccoli and tomatoes. We feel different whether we drink cola or water.

Everything we eat ends up in our blood

We’re built from what we eat. Where else is our body supposed to take the substances from to repair our cells, to grow hair and nails, to produce hormones and enzymes, if not through food?

Example 1: Inflammatory vs. anti-inflammatory

When I eat inflammation-promoting and insulin-increasing foods, such as sweets or ready-to-serve pizzas, this also promotes stress and fat build-up in our bodies. Then I can even eat under-caloric and still not lose weight!

Example 2: Fatty acids

If my body wants to repair the wall of a cell, it needs fatty acids. If it receives high-quality and healthy fats from us through food, then it also uses these to carry out its repair work.

If, however, he has only inferior hardened fats at his disposal, then he also uses them! This leads to the cell wall becoming harder or more rigid. And what problems we get when our cells are not supple and elastic, you can imagine figuratively.

Example 3: Nutrient deficiency leads to overeating

A third and final example: If we eat inferior food with too few nutrients, our body will sooner or later fall into a nutrient deficit. And it has been proven today: A lack of nutrients leads to chronic overeating, because our body makes us hungry until it feels that we are getting the nutrients we need.

That’s why not only the calorie balance plays a role, but also the fact that I eat high-quality, “real, living” food.

The quality of our food has a direct influence on the quality of our lives. And I don’t say that from theory, but from practice experienced again and again.

The main food trigger for overweight or excessive fat build-up in our metabolism

In my opinion, sugar, or the effect of food on our sugar level and insulin secretion, plays a central role in whether I choose the right food for me.

Sugar increases insulin levels. And insulin promotes fat build-up and inhibits fat breakdown. This means that whenever my insulin level is high, my body cannot break down any fat – not even when I’m exercising! Increased fat can also have slim people! In the form of blood fat, for example, or on the organs, such as the liver.

We are genetically programmed to be able to process 30g sugar per day. On average, however, we consume about 100g of sugar a day! One reason for this is that a lot of sugar is simply added to today’s products. And on the other hand because sugar is addictive and we simply love sweets too much.

Would you like to get an idea if you are addicted to sugar? And if so, how much? Then get my free sugar quiz and do the test. There are only 10 questions!

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