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Common Mistakes when Taking CBD

Although it can be described as still in its infancy, compared to other industries, the CBD market is developing at a rapid and steadily growing pace. There is a lot of information about CBD oil available online. Hemp advocates are doing their best to spread the culture and awareness, to educate consumers on the benefits and risks that can be encountered when purchasing CBD products.

In this article, we’d like to help you better understand the most common mistakes people make when purchasing and using CBD oil, or Cannabidiol in general, and why they make them.

Don’t choose a good quality oil

CBD is extracted from hemp. The quality of hemp varies considerably depending on the genetics, and the environmental and morphological conditions in which it is grown.

To give an extreme and very clear example, there are even some qualities of hemp that, taking advantage of the purifying properties of this exceptional plant, are used as bioaccumulators, to reclaim land.
They can then be used to extract toxins from the soil, which in turn can be found in the final extract.

We are making a very particular example, but it is only to make you understand how many different factors can contribute to the quality of a plant and its derived products. The first logical advice then is to buy products from plants grown and processed to the highest quality standards.

A good quality CBD oil is not only a quality crop, but the extraction and manufacturing process is also very important in determining the final quality of the oil.

Starting with too high a dose of CBD

It’s easy to start with a large dose of CBD oil. Sometimes most beginners, excited by the idea of starting with CBD, end up taking too much, and too quickly.

It’s always best to take it starting with low dosages until you find the correct CBD dosage that suits your body. So start with a low dosage and gradually increase it until you start seeing the benefits.

If you take too much at first, you may exceed your ideal threshold and take more than you need.

CBD doesn’t have any issues or risks associated with overdosing, but if you have a very specific goal to achieve, there’s no reason to take more than you need.

While we won’t deny the importance of CBD oil concentration, aiming for maximum intensity from the start is fundamentally wrong.

If you’re new to using CBD, your body will be more sensitive to its effects. In other words, you won’t need large amounts of CBD oil to experience relief unless the condition is severe.

On the other hand, if you suffer from chronic diseases, your recommended dose might be higher than average. But then again, you need to gradually work up to the point where CBD effectively reduces your symptoms, rather than rushing from day one.

Starting with too low a CBD dosage

As mentioned before, different people have different intake mechanisms and absorption capacities; therefore, too low an amount of CBD may not be enough to reach your goal.

CBD is not addictive and has no risks associated with overdose.
While some may see or feel the first results almost immediately after taking cannabidiol, others may take longer to recognize and assimilate it. Discontinuing Cbd use in the face of immediate results that don’t come is not the best solution.

Don’t take notes

When you first start taking CBD, it’s a good rule of thumb to keep a journal updating your progress, amounts, and perceived effects as you go. This way, you can easily realize the actual use you’ve made of it and you can begin to get a better idea of the effects Cannabidiol has on your body.

If you can make filling out your journal a regular habit, noting down the time, date, dosage, it will definitely help you in better understanding the effects and effectiveness of CBD. It will take some patience, but in the long run it will be useful and convenient.

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