Transition Handbook
We live in an oil-dependent world, and have got to this level of dependency in a very short space of time, using vast reserves of oil in the process – without planning for when the supply is not so plentiful. Most of us avoid thinking about what happens when oil runs out (or becomes prohibitively expensive), but The Transition Handbook shows how the inevitable and profound changes ahead can have a positive outcome. These changes can lead to the rebirth of local communities, which will grow more of their own food, generate their own power, and build their own houses using local materials. They can also encourage the development of local currencies, to keep money in the local area.

You can get this book from Sandpoint businesses at Common Knowledge (ask for the Ecocenter collection) or online here.
This site provides information of many different aspects of the transition town movement. From starting your own initiative out of a shared concern form members of your community how to respond to the challenges of Peak Oil and Climate Change, to forming an initiating group and then adopting the Transition Model (in detail here, and various pieces here and here) with the intention of engaging a significant proportion of the people in your community to kick off a Transition Initiative.
This is the blog of Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Initiative Movement. With his own words: “How might our response to peak oil and climate change look more like a party than a protest march? This site explores the emerging transition model in its many manifestations”.

Transition Primer
This constantly updated document is about 50 pages in length, jampacked with sparkling nuggets of plagiarized brilliance and one exceedingly boring (but necessary) section. A must read for everyone embarking on a transition journey.

Kinsale 2021 Energy Descent Action Plan
Together with second year college students Rob Hopkins developed this plan. It grew out of inspiration from David Holmgren’s ‘Permaculture – principles and pathways beyond sustainability’ and from the concepts laid out but not really fleshed out in Richard Heinberg’s ‘Powerdown’. Covering all the areas important and vital to the town of Kinsale in a future with a small energy future, it gives a year by year account of steps to take in order to become independent from fossil and respond to climate change.

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