Positive Change


Every day in every way we are faced the challenge of change. Whether it is the cost of gasoline, the size of the tomatoes in the garden this year compared to last or the growth of your children from one school year to the next – change is happening all around us. And, because we are human and because we aren’t in control of the change, our minds create scenarios that can either tantalize or terrify us. In this series of articles, we are going for the tantalizing part.
But we are ahead of ourselves, first we need to be introduced. We, the authors of this series, are members of the Sandpoint Transition Initiative, a small, but growing group of everyday folks who are working to raise awareness about change and the options in our community. Our goal is to get folks talking to each other, develop networks and create new commitments to strengthen our community. We believe that everyone, of every age, background and skill, is has something important to offer. Why? Because we are all in this together and if we can accept that we can pool our energy and ideas and make a difference.
We would like to offer you ideas to stimulate your imagination, creativity and unleash your ingenuity to help create a stronger, more resilient and vibrant community. Once a week for the next eight weeks we are going to look at local ideas, projects and people who have something to offer in terms of vision and hope for the future. We will explore the realms of food, transportation, building and education
Change is a funny thing. You can talk about it, wish for it, dread it but in the end, the only thing you can really change is yourself – your way of thinking, doing or being. So every week in this series we will offer your imagination a little challenge because we really do want you to unleash your ideas and personal potential and stimulate sharing with those around you.
The Challenge: This week we would like to challenge you to talk about the changes you see in the world and where you would like it all to lead. Start reaching out to those around you and talk about the world you’d like to live in or leave as an inheritance for your children. If you are a parent, talk to your children and ask them how they see the future, if you are a teenager, talk to person older and ask them for insight into building a better community, if you are alone go within and dare to dream. We need dreams and direction to build a future.

This series is brought to you by the Sandpoint Transition Initiative. For more information on the group or upcoming activities go to www.sandpointtransition.org or call Richard 255 2440. Whatever you do, save the date: November 14th you will be glad you did.


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