Community Garden 2011


Good Morning Foodies!

Anyone ready for sunshine, a pina colada by the pool and a young, muscular attendant to remind you to turn over every 15 minutes (to avoid sunburn!)? Wake up! We live in North Idaho! Spring is just around the snow berms, and treacherous ice is just beyond them. So let’s get started dreaming about our gardens and then go back to sleep for a few more months.

Community Garden 2011

• To date we have sold over 1/3 of the available plots for this season. How Cool! If you’d like to reserve your plot before they’re sold out, just go to our website and download the forms. We will be putting articles in the papers and posters around town to advertise so now’s the time to reserve your space. Here’s the link: Last year we sold out all 60 plots by May so you might want to check out the garden map and grab a plot or two.

• This season we are planning to do some workshops with the Master Gardeners Group. They have offered their expertise to assist all of our gardeners with food preservation ideas; what’s buggin’ our plants; why broccoli isn’t supposed to be yellow and various other conundrums of the gardening world. Lynn Pietz sent us this link to the Master Gardeners website on the Home Horticultural series. Take a look:

• We are planning to add a picnic table w/ umbrella, compost bin and other enhancements to make our garden even more enjoyable. The taco and beer stand still has to be approved.

• We will be providing gardening info via email which will provide you with links to pertinent gardening issues as well as the very real reasons to begin growing your own food.

• We are ready to expand the Community Garden should we sell out the existing plots. We have room for at least a dozen more 4′ x 8′ raised beds and would love to see more people involved in growing their own food.

The benefits of chemical free vegetables that travel only the distance from your plot to your table are clear. The benefits of picking up that 15# zuchinni from your very own garden…priceless. So go to our website; download the forms and send them to our P.O. Box (listed on the site) and start planning your gardens. It’s thyme.

Your Parners in Thyme,

Mary Catherine, Christie, Michelle, Elissa, Katy, David & Pat


3 thoughts on “Community Garden 2011

  1. David Main

    Hello I am David Main and I live in Sandpoint, Idaho. I have some ideas in re-establishing a sustainable and resilient community. Please email at I have also been contacted by Richard Kuhnel and will leave a message in hope that my call is returned. Thank you and thank you for your time.

  2. Pat Wentworth

    Good morning David,

    I’m very interested in meeting with you and hearing your ideas on sustainability. I’m not sure who you left a message with but you may contact me at 265-9828 and perhaps we can meet sometime this week.



  3. David Main

    I have been busy, sorry that it took me this long to get to you. Please allow me some access to your time and thank you for your time. Please call me at 703-232-3166 and please leave a message. Perhaps we can meet sometime of your preference. Thank you.