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CBD Crystals – How to Use?

Have you ever heard of CBD crystals? Or maybe today is the first time you will hear about them? We want to show you what a CBD crystal really is, how to use this product and where it actually comes from. Is it an artificial product? Or maybe something not to be consumed? You will find out all about it in this article.

What is CBD Crystal?

CBD crystal is the crystalline form of the cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD). It is this phytonutrient in its pure form, without any other phytonutrients. A light, sometimes slightly milky crystal that may look like a lump of sugar or salt. It’s a self-existing cannabidiol, in isolate form.

You’ve probably heard of CBD isolates. CBD Crystal is just such a thing. It can be used to artificially enrich CBD products such as oils or dries. It can also be used to make CBD oils that only contain this one phytonutrient. CBD crystal is up to 99% pure cannabidiol. All other compounds contained in hemp during the extraction process are removed, so that only this one phytocannabinoid remains.

This is a product specifically for those who want to use only CBD alone. For example, for medical reasons, allergy to other compounds contained in hemp or as an additive to cosmetics or vaporization.

CBD crystals – how to apply?

In the cosmetics industry, it is usually the CBD isolate that is used to make CBD cosmetics. Of course, there are full-spectrum CBD oil products on the market, such as our natural hemp oil hemp cosmetics. However, many companies choose to only add crystallized CBD. Crystallized CBD dissolves well in oils and fats when heated, which is why it is such a popular addition to hemp cosmetics.

Another method of using CBD crystals is through vapor inhalation, or vaporization. Using CBD crystals for vaporization requires a device that is designed to vaporize concentrates. Vaporizer, which has a chamber only to heat the dried, will not pass here!

Vaporizing pure CBD crystal has its advantages. If the product is pure and natural, fully tested, it is a safe method to provide yourself with only this one cannabinoid.

There is also a certain practice that some companies follow of infusing hemp products with CBD crystal. Typically, these are CBD oils, which can be up to about 15% natural concentration. Companies are trying to enrich the oils, hence there may be products on the market whose concentration has been artificially enhanced.

Like dried CBD, which naturally has quite small concentrations of phytocannabinoids, after crystal enrichment, can have up to several tens of percent CBD content!

CBD crystals – how to use?

The first method that is the easiest and most popular when it comes to using CBD crystal is vaporization. Just a really small piece of hemp crystal should be placed in the chamber of a vaporizer. When heated, the crystal changes to a liquid form and vapor is produced. To make it easier to clean the device, often the CBD crystal is used along with CBD dry to which it sticks after the inhalation session is over. Then in a much easier way we can clean the vaporizer.

There is also a well-known method of enriching cosmetics with CBD crystal, even in the comfort of your home! Just heat the crystal to liquid form and mix well in the cosmetic of your choice. And ready! We get a cosmetic with a content of crystalline CBD.

CBD crystal can also be added to food, especially fats. CBD butter, CBD oil and many other types of fats can be easily enriched with cannabidiol using hemp crystal. Heated and dissolved crystal just need to combine with liquid fat and ready. Such products can be safely added to the prepared meals or use in the care (the oil can be made for example, scrub with CBD).

There is no doubt that the CBD crystal is a lesser-known hemp product, may be a bit strangely associated, due to its appearance. However, if it is a natural and tested product, it can serve us in many ways!

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