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Moving Windmills: The William Kamkwamba story


William Kamkwamba, born in a village in Malawi, was 14 years old when he became fascinated with the idea of building a windmill after looking at a bookon energy at a library he frequented when his family could no longer afford the school fees.

Although he could not read the English text, he gleaned enough to build a crude windmill that produced 12 volts and powered 4 lights, bringing electricity and a water pump to his impoverished, famine stricken village.

This is an astounding modern day fairy tale, and in this video
our hero William tells us how it all happened.


My iPod may polute Sandpoint?


According to these two excellent articles, my beloved iPod contributes to smog in LA, respiratory disease in China, glacial melting in the Himalayas (to say nothing of poor working conditions).  And now, my favorite Apple products may soon contribute to strip mining in Montana and Wyoming for coal traveling by train through Sandpoint* to Seattle for shipment to China.  Read on for this crazy tale of globalization:

Your iPod is polluting China and L.A.—and Wyoming might be next
Grist Magazine

Digging a Hole for China
Sierra club

*Per the Sierra club article, Burlington Northern Santa Fe railway estimates that each car loses a minimum of 500 pounds of coal for every 500 miles traveled.


Part 2: “Alcohol Can Be A Gas”- Movie




“Alcohol Can Be A Gas” – Movie




“Flow” – Movie